Fibrous FLX

FLX is the thinnest fibrous casing ever produced by ViskoTeepak. It provides increased metres per reel and strand compared to traditional fibrous casing. Despite the increased metres in a strand you will experience faster soaking times and with its thin construction you get improved transparency.

We all know fibrous casing as one of the most versatile casing for various types of applications due to its high mechanical strength, excellent shrink/stretch properties and smoking capabilities. What is additionally new with FLX casing is the improved transparency. The feature has an appearance pleasing to the eye and reveals more visible sausage structure. This is an important feature for many sausage applications and manufacturers. The product is designed to be used mainly in all kinds of dry, semi-dry, cooked and smoked chunk sausages.

The thinnest fibrous casing in the world

The feature of the construction is based on a new production concept which utilises the united casing manufacturing technology knowhow of our company. The outcome is the thinnest fibrous casing ever produced creating significant potentials for time and cost savings in production processes.

More metres on a shirred strand

All ViskoTeepak casings are nowadays tailor-made to fit the end producer requirements and one of the benefits of FLX is the significant improvement in shirred metres per strand. Our tests have shown that we can shirr up to 15- 20% more metres per strand versus other fibrous casing types.

This does not only provide cost reduction opportunities for convertor partners but also the possibility of higher efficiency for end customers. ViskoTeepak will deliver the FLX casing in 1000m reels instead of 800/600m which will give cost savings for logistic operations. Together with more metres per shirred strands and/or box/pallet this will provide significant storage and transport cost saving opportunities for all parties.


Despite thinner construction, the new FLX is strong enough to meet the efficient stuffing requirements of today’s standards. During the development process of FLX casing we were testing the stuffing performance with the most recent designed and fastest clipping machine on the market. With speeds of 120 sausages / minute (250 g portion/ calibre 45), FLX coped with the tough testing conditions without any problems.

Improved stuffing output

With capabilities like this together with increased shirred metres per strand one can foresee good opportunities to improve the stuffing outputs as well. Of course due to FLX casing construction we do not recommend to use FLX in sliced applications where sausage length and weight have an impact on size stability as FLX is not designed for slicing applications. FLX is a good option for sausages sold as chunks.

Fast soaking

Due to the construction and design the new FLX soaks very fast and easy. The appearance of the final sausage is closer to a collagen outlook than the outlook XL fibrous can offer, which makes FLX an interesting option for traditional collagen applications where fibrous casing has so far not been able to compete due to outlook differences.


It has also shown excellent overstuffing capabilities. This creates some savings in casing usage and provides nice round shoulders for your sausages.