Fibrous CRF

Collagen Replacement Fibrous

We all know fibrous brings superior handling qualities and outperforms
collagen in most aspects. ViskoTeepak is now releasing the new CRF innovation and, as the name suggests, the target is to outperform and replace collagen. 

How would it sound if we told you we can now offer all the advantages of our strong, consistent and high speed fibrous packed in the mat outlook of collagen? That would sound pretty good, wouldn’t it? Well, we are happy to release the new ViskoTeepak Collagen Replacement Fibrous (CRF) innovation. 

Without compromising on look, CRF provides you with multiple advantages compared to collagen, including high mechanical strength, excellent shrink and stretch properties and smoking capabilities. CRF is perfect for applications within dry and semi-dry segments, smoked/cooked and smoked/dried applications. It provides good stuffing performance with a beautiful mat look. 

Productivity and handling

In general, fibrous provides for more flexible production planning compared to collagen casing; thanks to its easy handling, CRF is no exception. Customers can count on shorter notice when changing recipes, handling with shorter soaking times and a product that evolves with new applications and developments in the market. 

CRF also brings exceptional performance in comparison with many traditional fibrous products. We can significantly improve the shirred meters per stand. This opens the opportunity for partners to achieve cost reductions and also benefits customers through higher efficiency. 

Fast soaking and low wear on machinery

Another detail not always taken into consideration is the lower machinery wear in no corrosion, since CRF is soaked in pure water, and not salt like collagen. Due to its slick construction, it also soaks very fast and provides that mat and semi-transparent traditional collagen look. 

Overstuffing and less casing use

CRF will provide you with excellent overstuffing properties in line with and even outperforming our famous success FLX. These properties will allow for a nice look and round shoulders, but ensure that you need less casing to produce an equal sausage-weight as compared to collagen. In essence, with CRF you will attain higher production output combined with effective casing usage and due to its thin construction require a smaller clip size, that long term allows for cost savings for clips.  

Consistent need for speed 

CRF, like ViskoTeepak fibrous in general, meets all of today’s high stuffing requirements. It has been developed to offer good calibre stability and tear resistance achieved through excessive and comprehensive testing. It is primarily designed and meant for sausages sold as chunks, and not for slicing operations. Compared to collagen, customers will also be able to stuff colder salami mass without compromising quality and, since fibrous is not an animal based product, it ensures consistent colour quality and high quality printing.