Fibrous Brilliant

If you think that the look and appearance of the sausage is just as important as the casing performance, then the new Brilliant fibrous casing from ViskoTeepak is the only choice for you. The excellence of Brilliant lies in its look; the attractive glossy appearance will catch any customer’s attention.

Seeking customer attention?

ViskoTeepak Brilliant combines the excellent technical characteristics of fibrous casing with a high gloss look. The addition of this special feature attracts the attention of consumers to products presented in casings thanks to the glossy, yet natural look. Any dry or semi-dry product supplied as a portion sausage will benefit from this innovation.

Coating innovation

The high gloss appearance of ViskoTeepak Brilliant casings has been achieved through a newly developed coating technology, which results in a casing that facilitates the combination of visual characteristics with excellent machinability, clippability, size control and strength that are typical of ViskoTeepak fibrous casings.