Fibran Non-edible Collagen

ViskoTeepak offers Fibran non-edible collagen for the U.S. market. Produced and refined to retain their time-proven natural properties such as smoke permeability, even drying and meat adhesion the applied technology provides easy processing, size control, and production efficiencies – giving you the best of both worlds in one casing choice.

ViskoTeepak offered collagen products ensure reliable sizing and yield performance, while maintaining the traditional old world look customers have come to love. The high casing strength stands up to the most demanding processing techniques allowing exceptional diameter control.

Great Color and Variety

From clear to mahogany, our traditional color offerings mean instant association with artisan methods of sausage making. High quality colors that will catch the customer’s eye and increase sales.

Rounds or Middles

Whether a ring bologna or a salami, we have the right product for the application. Collagen rounds provide the curvature for a natural appearance, while middles provide the old world look for straight products such as salami.  Available in reel stock, string tied, and shirred.

Ready To Use & Easy Peel Options

Increase efficiencies and productivity.  Options such as presoaked and easy peel treatments are available to reduce time involved with casing prep and final packaging.

Printed Product Efficiency

Print multiple colors on one or both sides of collagen middle casings, giving the finished product a unique traditional look that a label can’t capture.