Devro Edible Collagen Casing

ViskoTeepak can offer the high quality Devro brand for edible collagen in Germany. Devro combines engineered precision gauge and diameter control with high collagen content to produce an intrinsic bite that is superb, while providing unparalleled performance and value to your operation. This creates superior results in fresh, precook and smokehouse processes, and delighted customers.

Devro’s consistent wall thickness and caliber eliminate giveaway due to over or underweight links. This results in direct yield savings. Devro’s high collagen content reduces pullback and shrinkage through a variety of cook operations while creating a unique and superior bite profile. This provides more pounds of finished product per foot of casing, for lower overall casing costs while delighting customers.

Excellent Machine Performance

Strength and flexibility make Devro a trouble free casing on automatic stuffing machines. Smooth performance means less production down time and less waste or rework. This reduces labor cost and increases machine throughput.

Exceptional Tenderness

Devro engineers designed the casing to give an overall tender bite characteristic. The outstanding performance of Devro collagen results in an exceptional dining experience and repeat sales.