Collagen casing

Collagen casing can be provided as both edible and non-edible food casing. It is a strong and flexible casing alternative, and carries many benefits compared to natural casings. Collagen is an economic choice with safe and versatile benefits.

High productivity and superior yields

Food processers can appreciate the precise and stable properties that give higher output in production and minimize wastage. All in all this leads to a more streamelined production with higher productivity combined with lower labour and production costs. Collagen casings provide a superior yield based on ready-to-stuff materials, longer shirred lengths and high speed stuffing capabilities. Rework is minimized via consistent strand length and size control. Consistent size control in return leads to even diameter control, constant sausage lengths, making packaging quicker and easier with reduced process losses.

Price stable and safe

Dealing with collagen is also a more predictable business since the supply is more constant and price fluctuations are not as high as with natural casing. Collagen casings are made from a naturally occurring protein that is safe. The raw material, bovine collagen, is usually traceable back to the individual animal the hide came from.

Consumers like it

From a customer perspective collagen also benefits from even color and shape properties as well as always providing the unchanging bite or “knack” that consumers love. Collagen is extremely versatile. There’s virtually no sausage it can’t accommodate. Customers use collagen casings for fresh, processed, smoked and dried sausages in a huge variety of length and diameter.

Working with the best

ViskoTeepak is working with some of the biggest and best producers in the world and can in partnership with them offer you some of the best casing solutions in the collagen business. In Germany we have been providing collagen casing since 1977 and the Devro brand since 1991.

In the US we offer both edible collagen from Nippi as well as non-edible alternatives produced by Fibran.

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