Wienie-Pak Window casing is designed for ultimate process control while keeping maximum speeds. The goal was to develop a casing solution making it easier for sausage producers to detect pieces of casing in peeling operations, but still being able to track color formation of the sausage during processing.

The Window casing is designed to meet the increasing requirements in food safety. Particularly in the production of skinless sausages, it is very critical to guarantee that all fragments of casing are removed from the surface of the sausages after peeling. By using pigments in about 80 percent of the casing it is possible to verify that all casing is peeled in process. With 20 percent still completely transparent, it is still possible to follow color formation in cooking.

We recommend this type for applications where a high level of food safety is required, but that are not subject to extreme difficult peeling conditions. 

Skinless sausages

Wienie-Pak casings are used to produce skinless type sausages, in a large variety, ranging from frankfurters, hot dogs, mini-salami’s and much more. The types of sausage made are often very different depending on the eating habits of the region, the type of meat emulsion used and the processing conditions. At the end of the process, before the packaging, in most cases the casings are peeled off in the production facility. The efficiency and completeness of the peeling can be influence by many factors such as the condition of the peeler or the cooking and smoking. 

A complete cellulose casing portfolio

The requirements in food safety will continuously increase. ViskoTeepak can provide the most complete range of cellulose casings to help reduce the exposure of the manufacturers. We take these concerns seriously and by doing so, providing support for a long term sustainable business. ViskoTeepak cellulose casing can be delivered in various constructions, coloured, striped, printed and with various closed ends.