Wienie-Pak Multicolor

Optimize your visability in the market with the highest quality multiprinting on ViskoTeepak Wienie-Pak casings. Our high productivity and easy handling cellulose casing can be tailored with customer specific printing options. 

ViskoTeepak offers the multicolor printing options for an increased appeal of your products. It can be printed with customer logos or in line with customer specific requirements to obtain a beautiful, attractive final product.

It combines excellent technical characteristics with the possibility to print according to requirements. We offer a complete range of colors, and will precisely match the design you desire.

Sell casing on

In a number of countries, a popular option is to sell the finished sausage with the cellulose casing left on, leaving it for the consumer removing it prior to consumption. Where sausage producers are attempting to garner brand loyalty, brand promotion on the casing is one excellent way in which to let the consumer know whose product they purchased and therefore a superb method of advertising their products. 

New generation printing

ViskoTeepak Multicolor printing creates completely new possibilities for more attractive customer product presentation.

Multicolor printing of cellulose Wienie-Pak casing is produced with state of the art printing technique. The casing can be printed up to 6 color with customer logos or in conformity with customer specific requirements to have more interesting final product. One or both sides can be printed. When the both side printing is used than each side can be printed up to 6 color.

Innovation is tradition

Development of printing machines is driven by the goal to achieve the highest printing quality in the market. Top performance in consistency and production of high quality products has always been top priority at ViskoTeepak, the new Multicolor machine development is no exception.

The Multicolor printing machine is equipped with most modern technology which brings highest quality level of printing:

  • Continuous line printing possibilities
  • Sharper printed edges
  • Better uniform covering of printed area
  • Very effective IR drying system
  • Precise winding tension control system