Wienie-Pak Logoprint

Highlight your brand on both the casing and the actual sausages. The new ViskoTeepak LogoPrint casing provides you with the unique possibility to promote your brand by imprinting it on your final product.

Promotional benefits

Through a special process using a special ink for blocking smoke penetration, the LogoPrint casing can be customised with any design or brand. The casing therefore allows for a completely new and attractive appearance while supporting the customer logo, product names or other advertising texts. 

Great results with standard processes

Both traditional and liquid smoke can be used for this application. In the optimised thermal process, the surface is affected on all types of frankfurters, hot dogs and similar sausages. Call your ViskoTeepak representative to pick up your LogoPrint Wienie-Pak and give us the chance to develop and customise a new and innovative sausage product with you.