Wienie-Pak Grillmark

How do you attract customer interest and create a more attractive product. With the new Grillmark product from ViskoTeepak, you have the opportunity to promote your products even more successfully. 

Create a high quality outlook

Sausage producers from around the world are constantly looking to find new ways of catching the attention of customers. Grillmark Wienie-Pak casing uses a special thermal process to make the surface of frankfurters, hot dogs and similar types of sausages more attractive and create an out of the box grill pattern as standard. The Grillmark casing aims to do exactly what it suggests, highlighting traditional grill marks on the sausage surface and give the perception of being a more high quality product. 

It is not possible to create the optical pattern or style without the special casing. By optimising and customising the thermal process and permeability structure for each customer, ViskoTeepak can accommodate all types of designs and customer wishes. 

Simple operations 

Both traditional and liquid smoke types can be used to produce the Grillmark effect. The casing is thereby essential in achieving the desired effect. The casing can be combined with the following cooking cycles: