Wienie-Pak D-Tech

In the production of skinless sausages, it is essential to guarantee that all fragments of the casing are removed from the surface of the sausages after peeling. ViskoTeepak has therefore developed a variety of casing types that allow producers to verify that the casings are completely removed.

Automatic detection with D-Tech

At the top of the Wienie-Pak line, and unique in the industry,  you will find Wienie-Pak D-Tech. The project has been developed in tandem with our partner company Tomra, which is a sensor-based pioneer in food-sorting, recycling and other industries. The company has more than 60 years of experience in delivering high-performance sorting, peeling and analytical
solutions and is a global market leader with more than 5,000 of its systems installed at food growers, packers and processers worldwide.


This type of casing contains a special component in the full body of the casing. This component leaves the casing fully transparent in normal conditions, but it creates strong reflections that can be used for automatised sorting in reaction with the Tomra Genius optical and sensor based detection systems.  

During processing of the sausages, the colour formation of the sausages can be followed as in a regular clear casing. Additionally, the casing is fully coloured when under suitable conditions, and every piece can be clearly detected. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the fact that this casing allows for full automation of the detection and eventually the separation process in combination with the correct equipment. 

A complete cellulose casing portfolio

The requirements in food safety will continuously increase. ViskoTeepak can now provide the most complete range of cellulose casings to help reduce the exposure of manufacturers. We take these concerns seriously and, by doing so, provide support for a long term sustainable business. ViskoTeepak cellulose casing can be delivered in various styles: coloured, striped, printed and with various closed ends. 

With D-Tech development in combination with the Genius system, it is also possible to detect shapes and other deviations, and you can automatically sort based on the combined input of D-Tech casing detection, shape and quality deviation.

Skinless products

Wienie-Pak casings are used to produce skinless type sausages,

of all types, including frankfurters, hot dogs, mini-salamis and much more. The types of sausage made are often very different depending on the eating habits of the region, the type of meat emulsion used and the processing conditions. At the end of the process, prior to packaging, the casings are usually peeled off in the production facility. The efficiency and completeness of the peeling can be influenced by many factors such as the condition of the peeler or the cooking and smoking.