Rapid Peel

Wienie-Pak Rapid Peel casing is a casing that allows for easy peeling of the casing, producing skinless franks. Wienie-Pak Rapid Peel casing is treated to meet the demands of modern sausage production. It allows for peeling under the most demanding peeling requirements, and extremely high speeds. In combination with the correct size and construction of the casing, we can maximize your output and low cost process.
The differences between competitors in cellulose casing are often small and subtle. Therefore, it is necessary to tailor-make and optimize the product to the specific customer needs. We believe this is the best way to benefit from the advantages of Wienie-Pak.

It goes without saying that the optimal product is always developed in close cooperation with the customer that will use it. When working with the biggest partner network in the business, we can tailor the best-fit Wienie-Pak solution possible. In this high volume business, small differences can have a big impact.

Build your benefits on the unique features of Wienie-Pak

In ViskoTeepak, we never compromise on quality and product features. This has resulted in a casing that can add subtle but important benefits to your operation and product.

Once a customer understands how to use these product features, it will be highly unlikely that he will consider an alternative. Some of the features that are worthwhile evaluating include the following:

Improved yields with less twists

More than any other cellulose casing, Wienie-Pak has the tendency to shrink back and tighten around the sausage after stuffing. This benefit can be used in multiple ways. By itself, it can result in a nicer-shaped sausage with excellent shoulder formation and a well-defined shape. If this is not considered a critical parameter, it is possible to reduce the amount of twists during linking.

Example: If a normal process requires 2 twists, the yield improvement in stuffing can be significant. For example: When twisting 2 times with 6 sausages in a pound, 7.4 percent of the casing is used in twists. When reducing the twists to a maximum of 1.5, the loss of casing use is reduced to 5.5 percent, improving the yield by 1.9 percent.

Less smoking time and even better bite

Wienie-Pak has a high permeability to smoke, which can result in reduced smoking time. Even with reduced smoking times, the improved permeability of Wienie-Pak can result in similar skin and color formation to other casings but with shorter processing times. Depending on the emulsion and processing conditions, we have seen improvements of up to 10% in some of our test cases. Because of our unique extrusion technology, the better skin formation of the sausage can sometimes be achieved. This creates the potential for steam reduction during peeling.