Printed Smash

Wienie-Pak printed is a cellulose casing that will combine high productivity and easy handling with the increased appeal of your products. It can be printed with customer logos or in line with customer specific requirements to obtain a beautiful, attractive final product.
Wienie-Pak printed casing is designed for customers who sell sausages with the casing on, without peeling. It combines excellent technical characteristics with the possibility to print according to requirements. We offer a complete range of colors, and will precisely match the design you desire.

Create your brand

A very nice way to achieve visibility in the market and in stores is by printing your own brand on the casing. This can be combined with product identification for a complete and unique way of safely branding your product in the market.

By using a colored casing as a base, a very nice package is created that will support and highlight your unique product in a very visible way in the retail chain.

Double side printing

With Wienie-Pak, you never have to compromise profitability for the benefit of a great look. We can offer one color printing on one or both sides that is ready to use straight out of the box.

No waste

Since printed Wienie-Pak can be used as the final package, an extremely environmentally friendly product is created. Because Wienie-Pak is fully biodegradable, a package is created that has virtually no environmental impact and is hygienically safe when treated correctly.

Higher yields and reduced waste

Wienie-Pak has a unique and truly excellent combination of stretch and shrink properties, a big benefit since it helps maximize stuffing weights.  Wienie-Pak is produced under a high level of quality assurance throughout the whole process and our goal is always to provide you with a superior quality product.