At a glance

Most comprehensive fibrous portfolio

ViskoTeepak is a world leading international manufacturer of cellulose, fibrous and plastic casings for the food industry. We have the largest selection of different fibrous casings in the world and are able to produce the widest diameter range of fibrous casing, including both the smallest and largest casing diameter. All our products come with excellent calibre consistency and curing properties.

Productive Solutions

Our products are used for the effective processing and packaging of frankfurters, hot dogs, dry and semi-dry sausages, smoked meats, hams, deli meats, poultry, dairy products and similar products around the world.


The company took its current form in the beginning of 2007, when Visko and Teepak joined forces. Today, we employ a staff of approximately 800. We are a part of the Eriksson Capital Group and with decades of experience we can offer our customers in over 80 countries the widest variety of products and innovations that can all be tailored to fit all processes.


We strive to be a strong partner and provide you with the best possible support. With the biggest partner network in the casing world combined with our wide product offering, we can tailor-make our fibrous to fit just about any brand and application perfectly. And that is our aim, to provide you with the most productive casing solutions in the market. We achieve success in partnership with you, we are in it for the long run and we are always around to support you.